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Life story
March 4, 2011
Born on March 4, 2011.
August 31, 2014
Passed away on August 31, 2014.
January 1, 2018
I brought Ginger from petco in 2011 she was a baby guinea pig when I got her we raised her in a christian jesus home she loved eating lettuce, pellets, hay, carrots and apples she was a eating machine she loved to eat she was so pretty and beautiful she looked like a natural beauty of a girl guinea pig she was so nice and she was a jesus girl she was funny like for example when she would chew on her cage bars, go on her cage bars and squeak she loved to talk she loved to be heard she was a good girl she would give us kissies on our lippes because she was showing her love to us she was so sweet I still love her she's in heaven now with the angels running around and having fun with jesus and the angels and she's in peace now she's no longer in pain or hurting anymore she isn't sick anymore she's always okay and healthy now and always happy now I hope to see her one day in heaven I would love to see her one day it would be a dream come true finally my wish would come true again to see my baby again someday forever in heaven with her in peace seeing and being with my baby all the time I would love that I love you ginger la bo forever and ever wait for me baby momma's coming someday